Welcome to Georgia Korea Fellowship


Our Vision

  1. To pray and work so that Georgia will be one day the fountain of blessing of the whole world.
  2. Korea would be No2 nation by fellowship and cooperation with Georgia
  3. Georgia would be No1 state in economic power
  4. Georgia would be No1 state in education (SAT)


  1. International Chairman : Ambassdor (USA) Hong, Seok-Hyun,
  2. President : Commissioner (경제부 장관) Craig Lesser
  3. Vice-Chairman : Dr. Moses Bang-Seok Lee (Chairman of Kingdomizer)
  4. General Secretary : CEO Joanne Park (Kingdomizer Development)
  5. Chairman of America : Dr. Kim, Hoi-Chang (Global President of CIU)
  6. Chairman of Asia : Jung, Ju-Gap
  7. Chairman of Korea : Dr. Kenneth Yun (Chairman of KPMG Korea: Yoon, Young-Gak),
  8. Vice-Chairman of Korea : Ban, Won-Ik (Vice-Chairman of The Association of High Potential Enterprises of Korea)
  9. Vice-President of Korea : Dr. Lee, Won-Gil
  10. Chairperson of Global Women Leadership : Dr. Junhui Joo (Former Professor of Emory University)
  11. Secretary-In-Chief : Rev. Joseph Nam-Joo Park
  12. Director of Foreign Affairs : Rev. Eddie Sung-Soo Yoon
  13. President of Public Relations : Lee, Sang-Yeon (Ph. D. Cand., Editor-in-Chief of Atlanta Chosun Daily)
  14. Chairman of Kingdomizer (Korea) : Rev. Lee, Ji-Young
  15. Chairwoman of Japan : Junko Shin, Jungsoon
  16. Chairman of US-Israel : Isaac Ben Abraham (General Manager of Beverly Hill JEM Center)
  17. Vice-President of Pastoral Coalition : Rev. Pi, Gi-Young

    Chaplain :
    Chris Halverson (Former Acting Chaplin of US Senate),
    Bishop William L. Sheals

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Advisory Committee

  1. Loren Cunningham (Founder of YWAM)
  2. Park Tae-Joon (Founder of POSCO, Former Prime Minister : died 5 years ago. But he strengthened GKF in powerful ways. So we want to honor him who is in Heaven with God)
  3. Honorable Tom Barrack (Colony Capital: Chairman of Donald Trump Presidential Inauguration Ceremony) - Not Confirmed Yet

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