President Roh Moo-hyun vs. Moon Jae-in


Title : Proper evaluation of former president Roh Moo-hyun & Disclosure of Moon Jae-in’s anti-Roh fraud scheme

By Dr. Moses Lee

Moon Jae-in is anti-Ro Moo-hyun, anti-national and anti-American; he is driving pro-Roh faction to the extreme left, abusing the name of Roh Moo-hyun

Fifty thousand Korean pastors, many Buddhists and nearly all the Korean people prophesied or predicted Lee Hoi-chang, the leader of the Grand National party would be president, but they’ve proved wrong but me, as former president Roh Moo-hyun said, “Only a young pastor from the US, Lee Bang-seok (I am still young!) prophesied I would become president and supported me. I believed in the prophecy like a drowning man who will clutch at a straw and was strengthened to become president." He bowed and thanked to me before 3,500 people at the National prayer breakfast.

He is not a communist but a European socialist.

1. He is an egalitarian, who has the philosophy that no one shouldn’t dominate other people. Actually, the prosecution was given independence by him, but stabbed him in the back.

2. He was a close friend of president Bush, George W. (Roh had high-quality information that few people know)

3. He was pro-American, who was in sympathy with lots of US policy strongly, though he looked anti outwardly; all the communists were deceived.

4. He would share worries with Bush, George W. early in the morning.

5. 3,000 Korean troops dispatched to Iraq were snipers disguised as peacekeeping forces, who could be a match for a hundred - the Marine Corps' most exclusive unit. Roh said to Bush, “My friend, 3,000 times 100 is 300,000”, boasting of dispatching Korean troops.

6. Confusion and worries of pro-Roh faction and ‘Rohsamo’, a group of people who love Roh Moo-hyun : Their big dilemma is that president Roh seemed anti-American surely, but was actually the most pro-American.

7. President Roh was my close friend.
1) He made a big donation $60 million to Rwanda, when I started the ten-year-national development of Rwanda on the outer in Jesus’ name. (A high school teacher of Rwanda was paid $20 then)
2) He asked me to make Dr. Hwang Woo-suk a professor of the University of Havard or Maryland (the medical school of the highest authority, which has NIH). And I made him a professor of Maryland medical school at once.

If Dr. Hwang had come to US responding to president Roh’s consideration and my effort, our nation could have been the world’s biggest nation in several years.

However, he said, “I am a nationalist. I’ll succeed in Korea.” He was kicked out his university in Korea, made miserable.” As for me, I became an untrustworthy person and my credit was ruined at the Maryland university,

President Roh had the thought of European socialism but loved America a lot; he was very close to Bush. He is an outstanding leader of Korea.


President Roh Moo-hyun :
1. Thought : European socialist, Egalitarian, Opponent of abusing power and centralization of power, Proponent of decentralization (It has succeeded!)

2. Relation with the US
1) Pro- American
2) Very close to president Bush
3) Strongly allied with the US (The US was very thankful to President Roh)

3. Relation with chairman Hong Seok-Hyun
He loved Chairman Hong and appointed him as the ambassador to the United States; Chairman Hong was highly recognized by president Roh. He was also the most recognized ambassador by the US.

President Roh Moo-hyun and Chairman Hong Seok-hyun

President Roh Moo-hyun and Chairman Hong Seok-hyun

My resolution and appeal

As an only prophet who prophesied president Roh’s election, I appeal to pro-Roh faction, Rohsamo and my people to follow president Roh’s love for our country and the universal values of mankind that he had (Liberty, equality, fraternity).

Withdraw immediately anti-national and anti-Roh Moo-Hyun thought such as ‘Anti-Americanism’, ‘Pro-North Korean ideology’, ‘Toadyism toward China’, ‘Ultra-leftism’ and ‘Extreme Keynesism’ (To break up a conglomerate), and follow Roh’s thought!