Korea-US Leader Conference held in Washington, on June 27


Host : GKF (Georgia Korea Fellowship)

Main Speaker : U.S. Vice President, Mike Pence

In commemoration of 67th anniversary of the Korean War, Veteran lawmakers of Korean and America will gather in Washington.

The senior pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church, Rev. Lee, Young-Hoon (Former president of the Christian Council of Korea), takes on its international president.

‘United Conference of Korea-US Congressmen’ in commemoration of 67th anniversary of the Korean War, hosted by Korean Christian Council in America (President Jeon, Yeong-Hyeon) and conducted by GKF (Georgia Korea Fellowship, International Chairman: Hong, Seok-Hyun; Vice-Chairman: Dr. Moses Bang-Seok Lee) will be held at Washington Hilton, at noon on July 27.

GKF is an International exchange institution between Georgia and Korea, where Dr. Moses Bang-Seok Lee takes on Vice-Chairman and former Commissioner of Georgia Craig Lesser President.

Vice-Chairman Moses Bane-Seok Lee said last 26th, “About 30 Korean lawmakers and 30 US Senators will attend this anniversary”, adding, “About 70 businessmen each from Korea and USA will come as well.” 

Main speakers are Vice President, Mike Pence and Rev. Paula White, the personal minister to Donald Trump. Paula White became the first woman to deliver a prayer at a presidential inauguration on January 20, 2017. She has been teaching the Bible to the President Trump every week for 16 years.

Hong Seok-Hyun, International Chairman of GKF and Yoon, Young-Gak, Chairman of KPMG Korea will deliver congratulatory address on behalf of Korea. Chairman Hong had a conference with President Donald Trump last 18th as Korea's special presidential envoy. On behalf of America, well-known chairmen of conglomerates and Washington's cardinal will congratulate.

The conference will be processed at Hilton (Designated place for National prayer breakfast) following the order: ‘Allied prayer’, ‘Fellowship between Korean lawmakers and US Senators’, and ‘Discussion on National Agenda’. A meeting with President Trump is also scheduled since then.

Vice-Chairman Lee said, “Korean leaders are supposed to have a fellowship with US leaders 4 to 5 hours,” and added, “I hope the close relationship between Korea and the United States will be more strengthened by the meeting under this difficult diplomatic circumstance.”

He continued to say, “It is only Israel and Korea that have a solid alliance with America. Numerous Americans shed blood in Korea during the Korean War. We will express our gratitude to America once more and discuss various national issues.”

Rev. Lee, Young-Hoon, the senior pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church carried forward this conference; GKF and KCCA are collaborating as well. 

Prior to the conference, there will be a revival meeting (Main speaker: Rev. Paula White, Interpretation: Dr. Moses Lee) in New York, 25th to 26th next month. Dr. Lee explained that at this meeting named ‘the Spiritual Revival Meeting for Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula’, we can have a time praying that this war would never happen again.

By the way, whoever wishes to attend the ‘United Conference of Korea-US Congressmen’, can enquire of Dr. Lee.

△ Enquiry : 678-488-1531, moseswwlee@gmail.com

△ GKF Website : www.gkfellowship.org


Vice-Chairman Moses Bang-Seok Lee explains the conference held in Washington next month.

Vice-Chairman Moses Bang-Seok Lee explains the conference held in Washington next month.